Vacation Bible School


Our primary goal is to bring God glory by boldly and unashamedly proclaiming Him to young people! 

Young people are a big deal. They're not only awesome--we love 'em!--They're also dearly cherished by our Lord and tend to be soft-hearted toward spiritual things. 


"Discovering Jesus from Eternity Past to Eternity Future"

Vacation Bible School 2018

First and foremost, we need your prayers. Please pray for the preparation, volunteers, and especially the youth who will be touched.

Volunteers (members of CCEP) are needed in the following areas. 

4 Year Old Teaching Team

  • daily 4 year old activities
    • registration
    • crafts
    • snacks
    • outside playtime
    • sign-out at the end of VBS day
  • location of each child during VBS
  • participate with 5 & 6 year olds
    • Bible Study
    • Worship

VBS Staff Daycare Team

  • nursery (ages 0-3) for VBS Staff
  • VBS Staff Parents should
    • sign children in and out
    • provide
      • diapering supplies
      • snacks
      • specific instructions
      • parent's location (if needed)

Prayer Team

  • lift up all VBS activities in prayer
  • stays in constant prayer during VBS
  • collect prayers requests (youth & adult)

Registration Team

  • register and track children (ages 5-12)
    • a.m. sign-in process
    • tracking (following assigned groups)
    • sign-out at the end of each VBS day

Team Leader

  • support Registration Team
    • leading assigned groups throughout VBS
      • a.m. lining children up by group
      • tracking (following assigned groups)
      • sign-out at the end of each VBS day

Flag Leader

  • hold assigned flag HIGH to guide children
  • lead their group to each activity
  • stay with the group from 'line up' to dismissal

Game Team

  • high energy group 
  • outdoor play activities
  • support daily teaching goals
  • also focus on safety
    • follow instructions
    • supervise at all times 

Teaching Team

  • daily Bible Study activities
  • use VBS Tools provided
    • create lesson plans
      • Bible based
      • age appropriate

Worship Team

  • prepare, schedule, and practice
  • inform Sound/Projection personnel of needs
  • be role models
  • actively participate with worship activities

Craft Team

  • builds upon the daily Bible teaching
  • support daily VBS theme
  • prepare, meet weeks before VBS
    • prepare & organize supplies
    • complete the craft in time

Skit Team

  • prepare, schedule, and practice
  • review ALL prop needs with Set Leader
  • review ALL sound needs with Sound personnel
  • be role models
  • actively participate with worship activities
  • visits other VBS activities